Webinar on Landscape restoration initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

Published on
March 28, 2019

Recently Erika Romijn and Martin Herold participated in a webinar presentation “Landscape restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and Initiative 20x20 – what is happening on the ground?”.

This webinar is part of the Webinar Series: Land Use and Climate Research by the CGIAR, supported by USAID’s Office of Global Climate Change.

During the webinar the results from a Comparative Research Project on Landscape Restoration for Emissions Reductions were presented. This project is a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research (Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing) and The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), supported by USAID. Within the scope of CIAT’s research program on restoration of degraded lands, this project focuses on understanding and characterizing ongoing and pledged restoration activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through comparative analysis we aimed to get more insight into what leads to successful activities and to assess the environmental impacts of such projects.

The following items were presented and discussed during the webinar:

  1. Mapping out landscape restoration in the region

    • Explanation of projects database & online scroll story
    • Characteristics of projects with different funding mechanisms
    • Climate change mitigation potential of project areas
    • Results from a recent survey about project progress
    • Typologies of restoration
  2. Involvement of private and financial sector in landscape restoration in LAC and Initiative 20x20

    • Critical analysis of Initiative 20x20
    • Bottlenecks and solutions

The entire webinar was recorded and can be viewed here. The webinar starts at 9:00 min. The database that was created for this project is available on the LUCID portal. Project results are also presented in the following online scroll story. This website provides insight into forest and landscape restoration initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.