What scientometrics can do for your research & Big Data for Enhanced Business Understanding

Published on
May 27, 2022

We would like to invite you to our upcoming section seminar on the 3rd of June. There will be two speakers at this seminar that is hosted by the Business Management & Organisation group. Guest speaker Mojgan Samandar is a faculty member of the National Research Institute for Science Policy in Iran.

Lecturer Jasmina Rüger from the Business Management & Organisation group will present as well. The title of her presentation is ‘Big Data for Enhanced Business Understanding’. In her presentation Jasmina will use a number of different examples of the use of big data in furthering the understanding of dynamics in business are explored. The goal is to address both the “why?” and the “how?” questions: what can big data be used for, and (some aspects of) how to use big data.

This presentation focuses on two types of issues that have become increasingly important in the dynamics that business faces: technological development for and also social processes in business. The developments of technology can be understood and predicted with increasing precision with the use of big patent data, on the one hand. On the other hand, online and offline big organization data about social interactions between employees, stakeholders, citizens can now be analyzed to study how, for instance, newcomer integration actually works.

The section seminar starts at 12.00 and finishes at 13.00. As this is a lunch seminar, lunch will be provided for those who join us in B0067. Please send a message to Laura de Graaf before Monday the 30th of May if you would like to have lunch. By doing so we will know for how many people we have to order lunch. We look forward to enjoying this seminar together with you on the 3rd of June.