Where to archive data: list of data repositories

Published on
February 12, 2019

Finding a suitable data repository for your research data can be tricky. It is often hard to tell if a repository will look after your data well. To help you choose a repository, Data Management Support has assessed a set of repositories commonly used by WUR researchers.

The Data Management Support website lists the repositories that were ‘approved’ in this assessment. Examples are DANS-EASY, Dryad, Pangaea, and GBIF. When choosing a repository on this list, you can be sure that your data will be safe as well as easily findable by other researchers. In using these repositories, you also comply with the WUR data policy.

The following criteria were considered in the assessment:

  • does the repository provide persistent identifiers to data sets (e.g. DOIs)?
  • does it back up the data?
  • does it clearly describe data sets?
  • does it regularly check the data for corruption?

Data Management Support plans to keep adding repositories to the list. Is the list missing a commonly used repository in your field? If so, please email the repository's name to