WOLF movie

September 7, 2022

* Dutch only, documentary film has Dutch voice-over only *

On Friday evening, September 23 at 7 p.m., a special film screening of 'Wolf' will take place in the Heerenstraat theater in Wageningen. A unique opportunity to discuss the wolf in the Netherlands with the film's director and animal ethicist Bernice Bovenkerk and researcher on human-animal relationships Maarten Jacobs.

It has not escaped anyone's notice: the wolf is back in the Netherlands. Filmmaker Cees van Kempen started filming before a pair of wolves had settled permanently in the Netherlands. Over the past four years, Van Kempen and his team have spent more than 1,000 days in the forests of Germany and the Netherlands for this documentary.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk recorded the voice-over. Hugh Jansman provided background information and images for the documentary.

The program for September 23:

18:50 Hall open

19:10 Welcome by Hugh Jansman

19:15 Wolf and man: how do they go together? How do we experience the wolf? Conversation with Maarten Jacobs (researcher human-animal relationships) and Bernice Bovenkerk animal ethicist)

19:25 Introduction director Cees van Kempen

19.30 start film (no break)

21.00 Q&A with Cees, Bernice and Maarten

21.20 (at the latest) Closing

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Be quick because the number of places is limited!

Movie teaser: