Workshop ‘The art of listening’ on the Dialogue experience day

Published on
June 29, 2022

‘We don’t listen to hear, we often listen to respond’ is a famous quote of Stephen R. Covey.

With the opening of the newest building Omnia, replacing the aula, WUR offers a space for exchanging ideas and opinions with partners, stakeholders and society. The Dialogue Experience 2022 is was a day to explore and experience how to engage in dialogue to make impact. And for that I (Marjan Wink teacher of the MOS module dialogue skills) was asked to give a workshop on ‘The Art of Listening’. Since listening is an essential ingredient for a fruitful dialogue.

In the workshop we explored our listening presence, our different listening habits and our conscious or not so conscious intentions when we listen. Using the four listening styles defined by Otto C. Scharmer (MIT) we practised in subgroups empathic and generative listening. Since factual listening is something most scientist are already more familiar with.

It was great to sense that through the genuine act of listening the atmosphere and conversation in the room changed to a very loving, open, subtle and generative sphere proving the value of listening by the result.

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