WUR Best employer in education

Published on
March 4, 2020

Wageningen University & Research has been declared the best employer in the Education branch in the annual employer survey by Effectory. Martijn Scheen, corporate director Human Resources accepted the award on behalf or WUR on 3 March.

The award is added to the quality label Best Employer, which Wageningen University & Research achieved earlier this year. This accolade is based on a survey carried out by Effectory among the organisation’s own employees. They compared and ranked 8410 organisations with more than 100 employees. Based on this investigation, 1160 organisations received one, two or three stars.

Two out of three stars

With a two-star rating, WUR has a score of 0.3 to 0.5 above the branch average. Among the thirteen participants in the education branch, WUR led the ranking. Which organisation is marked best employer of the Netherlands will be announced on Wednesday, 18 March during the Happy People – Better Business Event in Eindhoven. There will be two categories: organisations with more than 1000 employees, and those with fewer than 1000.

“The result of our staff’s involvement and dedication”

Corporate director Human Resources Martijn Scheen is happy and proud: “We have been given this award because of the enormous dedication and involvement or our employees. This award also reflects an appreciation for our organisation’s employment practice.”

More involved, more productive and more innovative

Effectory states that employees of organisations with this quality label feel more involved, and are more productive and innovative than employees of other organisations in the same branch. This statement is reflected by the results of the last WUR Employee Satisfaction Survey. Johan Kanis, project manager of this survey and WUR employee, is delighted with the special title WUR may carry for a year: “Of course, there are still sufficient areas of improvement, and we will continue to address these. But this demonstrates we are a good and attractive employer.”

More information on the quality label and the ranking is provided on the website Beste Employers; who are they? (in Dutch)