ZonMW TOP grant for Verweij (PHI) & De Vet (COM)

Published on
April 11, 2016

Marcel Verweij (professor Philosophy) and Emely de Vet (personal professor Strategic Communication), together with researchers from the Psychology department of Utrecht University are awarded a ZonMW TOP grant of 675.000 euro. The project will be led from Wageningen University and includes 2 PhD and 1 post-doc project on the use of nudging strategies for improving dietary behaviors.

The postdoc will investigate (normative) acceptability of nudges from a business ethics approach at WUR. One PhD project investigates long-term effects of nudges on habit formation and self-regulation (WUR), the other PhD project aims to unravel psychological mechanism underlying nudging effects (UU). The project HINTS was selected as one of the 10 granted projects out of 85 initial submissions.