Career Day - Student information

On Wednesday 16 October, Student Career Services organises the next WUR Career Day. The aim of the Career Day is to provide a platform where students, PhD candidates and recent graduates can meet employers from different sectors. The event is an ideal opportunity to network and to learn more about the attending organisations. And it is an excellent chance to meet your future employer / internship organisation!

Date 16 October 2024
Time 13:00-17:00h
Location Wageningen Campus: Orion, Forum
For whom All Wageningen University students, graduates, PhD candidates

How to register


You can sign up for the event via the WUR Career Platform (Jobteaser). Here, you can sign up for the main event and the 1-1 interviews with employers.

* If you don't have an account at the WUR Career Platform yet, first create an account with your WUR email address (for students) or private email address (for alumni).

Programme & attending organisations

Find out which organisations you'll be able to meet, network with and have an interview with at the WUR Career Platform (Jobteaser).

How to prepare yourself for the WUR Career Day

The following steps will help you to prepare yourself for the Career Day and to get the most out of your attendance:

Go to the preparation events

Prepare yourself for the career fair and/or interviews by attending our career events:

  • Preparation workshop for the Career Day | date tba
  • Career events

Update your CV

Update your CV, upload it to the Career Platform (Jobteaser) and bring a printed copy with you to the event. This enables organisations to easily connect with you.

If you don’t want to or can’t bring your printed CV with you (e.g. for sustainability reasons), you can also use your digital LinkedIn business card (see below).


Update your LinkedIn

Update your LinkedIn profile and learn how to use your digital LinkedIn business card (QR code) at the event, this way you can stay connected with the employers after the event as well.


Create an introduction pitch & Know your strengths

Create an introduction pitch and know your strengths to introduce yourself well to employers. Make sure to keep it natural and not too rehearsed.


Get to know attending employers

Create a list of organisations you want to meet at the Career Fair and/or subscribe for their 1-1 interviews:

Prepare questions to ask employers at the career fair

Prepare questions to ask employers to help start the conversation.

We have listed several example questions that can help you:

Prepare for the 1-1 orientation interview(s)

During the WUR Career Day, some organisations have the option to have a 1-1 interview with them. You need to sign up separately for the 1-1 interviews.

Prepare yourself as if you would go to an interview for a position. Create an introduction pitch and know your strengths to introduce yourself well to employers.


Please note:

  • You need to sign up separately for the 1-1 interviews. Deadline interview registration: TBA
  • A registration to an interview does not guarantee an invite for an interview.
  • Employers are responsible for the invites and the follow up for the interviews. Student Career Services is not involved in this process, so we do not know the status of your possible invite.

Tip: If you applied for an interview but haven’t heard from the organisation on the day of the event, we advise you to walk by their stand at the career fair to network with the organisation there. This way, you can still ask all of your questions/get more info about the organisation.

What if you quickly feel overwhelmed at big events?

  • Only go to the employers of your interest
  • Attend the event early, directly at 13:00 as it is more quiet at the beginning, or at the end of the event between 16:00-17:00.
  • Apply for 1-1 interviews instead of going to the career fair as this is more personal
  • When you're at the event and you feel it is too much at that moment, come back during a more quiet time (morning, lunch, end of the event)


The language spoken during the Career Days is English. However, an organisation might request a certain level of Dutch language skills is necessary. You can check the required language skills per organisation in the Jobteaser event.