Travel Funding - Vaccination costs

Under certain circumstances, the Executive Board will provide students of Wageningen University with a reimbursement of expenses incurred in relation to vaccination (including prophylaxis) and/or travel due to an internship or thesis outside of the Netherlands. This applies when the learning objectives of the programme establish that it is compulsory for the student, within the framework of their study programme, to do their full internship or thesis abroad.

The general conditions to qualify for a reimbursement of costs related to vaccination/prophylaxis and/or travel expenses are:

1. The person concerned is enrolled as a student for one or more of the following programmes at Wageningen University:

- (flexible*) Bachelor’s International Land and Water Management (BIL)

- (flexible*) Master’s Development and Rural Innovation (MDR)

- (flexible*) Master’s International Development Studies (MID)

- (flexible*) Master’s International Land and Water Management (MIL)

2. The internship or thesis is a compulsory part of the study programme, the content and destination of which have been approved by the WU supervisor of the internship or thesis.

3. The reimbursement of vaccination/prophylaxis expenses or travel expenses for an internship or thesis will be provided to students only once in the framework of the programme.

4. When processing the request and calculating the reimbursement amount, the conditions that apply are those specified in the Regulations for vaccination and travel expenses for internship/thesis in force on the first day of the internship or thesis.

For more information see:Regulation Vaccination and Travel Funding.>>Fill in and sign the form "Travel Fund and vaccination costs" applicationform.

You can hand in the forms at the student desk in the Forum building or send them by e-mail to