AJ (Alice) Scaillierez

AJ (Alice) Scaillierez


I am a PhD candidate at the Animal Production Systems group (APS) in collaboration with the Farm Technology group (FTE).

My PhD project is entitled “Enlighted Pigs : integrating light with animal-friendly and sustainable farming”. I aim to assess the effect of artificial light on pig welfare but also to gain fundamental knowledge on light use in pig husbandry. The objective is to provide an innovative, controlled and tunable light concept contributing to a more sustainable pig industry.

The project gathers experts and companies in the area of sustainable pig husbandry, animal welfare, smart sensor and light systems. It is funded by the NWO-ENW program "Smart solutions for horti- and agriculture".

Before starting my PhD, I obtained a BSc in Agriculture and Bioengineering at ISA Lille (France) and a triple MSc degree in Animal Science at WUR, in Sustainable and Smart Farming at ISA Lille and in European Animal Management (EURAMA) at EI Purpan (France).