PAJ (Arjen) Daane MM BSc

PAJ (Arjen) Daane MM BSc

It is my ambition to support companies in discovering opportunities in the international foodmarket and staying ahead of competition by using the latest scientific insights and economic models.


Wageningen University and Research has more than 75 years of experience in market and consumer research, accumulated an extensive network of experts, and unique knowledge of the global food market that helps explain global developments, opportunities, and threats with state-of-the-art data science and models.


My professional experience covers a wide range of business topics from marketing research, consultancy and business-to-business marketing and sales, especially in the fresh food industry, and always with a strong focus on the improving the marketing impact of the companies I worked for.


Within Wageningen University and Research I coordinate research programmes focussed on the private sector and public private partnerships. Topics

  • Marketing Engineering - Insights in the long term effectiveness of marketing and commercial efforts and other interventions both in business to business as in business to consumer markets.
  • Market scenarios and outlooks – Insights in future market developments (supply, demand and prices) for agro-food products in worldwide food markets supporting strategic decisionmaking.
  • Consumption Monitoring – Insights in factors determining and influencing the relationship between consumers and food products in different contexts (out of home, retail, at home, etc.).
  • Intervention Strategies – Design change-strategies with long-lasting effects on consumer behaviour tested in different settings ranging from laboratory conditions to “real life”.

Professionally I put specific focus on developing research methods, and combining scientific market insights with hands-on knowledge and expertise available from our partners, leading to knowledge that is tailored to the specific situations and contexts our customers