dr.ir. A (Bert) van 't Ooster

dr.ir. A (Bert) van 't Ooster


I am lecturer at the Farm Technology Group of Wageningen University.

With respect to education, I was involved in many courses in the field of Agricultural Engineering and gave supervision to over 100 MSc-Thesis projects. Currently I coordinate and teach Greenhouse Technology, Biosystems Design, Building Physics and Climate Engineering. I also contribute to Engineering Design and Livestock Technology.

My main interests in research are data and systems analysis, systems operations, continuous time and discrete event modelling, and integral systems design. The main application fields are biosystems design, on-farm operations, transport physics of indoor climate, climate engineering, sustainable energy, and emissions in crop and animal production. I am experienced in experimental and model-based research. Examples are modeling of indoor climate in livestock houses and greenhouses, modelling of crop operations in greenhouses and planning of crop operations in arable farming (sole cropping and strip intercropping).

Research focuses were measuring and modelling natural ventilation rates and ammonia emission from dairy cow houses, simulation of postharvest conservation using finite elements, incident radiation and solar heat load on shaded buildings, passive and active solar energy use, integrated design of animal housing, natural and forced ventilation systems, and energy use in animal houses.

From 2009-2014, I was partly employed at Wageningen UR greenhouse horticulture to conduct my PhD research on model-based evaluation of operational processes in horticultural production systems with high human labour input.

I am member of some (inter)national professional organizations: ISHS, EurAgEng, NVTL, KLV.