ir. LL (Bertram) de Rooij MSc

ir. LL (Bertram) de Rooij MSc

Team leader Regional Development and Spatial Use | landscape architect bnt

Working together on vibrant and resilient landscapes. Landscapes that evolve and landscapes that transform without losing intrinsic values and their natural basis. Landscapes that breath quality because they are loved and useful. Landscapes that reflect society and its needs. Landscapes that connect.

In more than 20 years of experience as a landscape architect, I have worked on a broad variety of assignments, in numerous areas and themes, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Considering that almost all societal challenges come together in the same spatial context, the landscape, my focus is on creating enabling environments at different scales together with all involved. That is why I specialized in creating enabling environments that offer opportunities and bring together the challenges, at different scales and always togther with all stakeholders.

I work on rooted and nature based solutions, climate adaptation and risk reduction, sustainable and resilient food systems and migration. Always from and with a spatial perspective.  

The heart of my approach is to connect, to innovate and to inspire.  By bringing people, knowledge, needs and desires together. Creating common understanding, building bridges and visualizing envisioned futures, via clear storylines and appealing visualisation.

With an open attitute, humor and passion. Creativity, flexibility, promptness and thoroughness, are words that characterise me well. I also bring in a strong sense for political and social relations, new developments and phenomena. I value direct actions and follow-up; hands-on by nature. From vision to implementation.

A shared, inspiring, activating story with a powerful spatial perspective, in which the natural system and the societal challenges come together and long term ambitions are connected to short term action perspectives; that will make the difference!

As such, we work together on a healthy, sustainable and resilient living environment, now and in the future!

Registered landscape architect (SBA Netherlands)
Member of NVTL (Dutch Association of Landscape Architects)