ir. CH (Christiaan) Bolck

ir. CH (Christiaan) Bolck

Programme manager renewable materials

Sustainable and durable biobased and renewable polymer materials and products thereof with added value. Polymers made by classical polymer synthesis, modification of polymers from nature and materials made from consumer waste.

Research topics:
Production routes from different raw materials and (bi) functional building blocks
Structure-function relationships
New materials with unique properties
Broadening applicability biobased materials

3 themes:
Bio based plastics : Novel resources, Novel biopolymers, Additive technology, Processing technology, PLA, PEF, PBS, TPS
Agro fibers : Alternatives to wood (biorefinery), Energy efficient processes, Cellulose, Lignin
Materals from consumer waste, recycling plastics packaging, paper, board, PHA

Specialties: business, project and product development, customer relations, lectures, policy, economics, bioplastics, recycling, packaging ...