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Education - dr. C (Clara) Belzer

Microbes Inside MIB50803

How the omnipresent nature and function of microbes, including bacteria, archaea and fungi, affects our life

Resaerch Methods Microbiology MIB30303

Human Microbiome Online MIB51303


MIB-32303 Human Microbiome
MIB-79324 MSc Research Practice Microbiology
MIB-79224 MSc Research Practice Microbiology
MIB-80424 MSc Thesis Microbiology
CBI-50806 Immunomodulation by Food and Feed
MIB-51301 Human Microbiome MOOC
MIB-70224 MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-30303 Research Methods Microbiology
MIB-70424 MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-80436 MSc Thesis Microbiology