CJ (Corine) van As MSc

CJ (Corine) van As MSc

Team leader Regional Development and Land Use

I am the team lead of team Regional Development and Spatial Use at Wageningen Environmental Research. 

This is a team of over 30 researchers, focussing mainly on regional and urban challenges. We do research and give advise, based on the latest scientific insights.

We approach questions from both social and technical perspective, preferably in an integral way. These are many times complex societal issues, where various societal challenges meet. Like biodiversity, future proof agriculture, the energy transition, circular economy and climate adaptation.

We work for and with governmental organisations, the private sector, other knowledge institutes, NGO's. National and international. Some examples of our products and services are (policy)evaluation and advise, long term visions, data, scientific publications, strategies, maps, lectures, visualisations, discours and social media analysis.