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Projects - dr. E (Edoardo) Saccenti

My interests in applied research rest in the application of multivariate and chemometrics methods to the analysis of biological and biochemical data sets in the context of systems biology and system health.  Main lines of research are i) the modelling of interindividual differences and individual phenotypes through the integration of statistics, biological network inference and analysis and mathematical modelling; ii) investigation of host-pathogen interaction in the context of sepsis  iii) the modelling of bacterial diversity and bacterial ecology combining bioinformatics approaches with multivariate statistical modelling.

In theoretical oriented research I am interested in i) Principal components analysis and related methods with a focus on the problem of dimensionality assessment and its relationships with inferential statistics in the frame of Random Matrix Theory; ii) power analysis and sample size determination in the context of PCA, PLS-DA and network inference; iii) development of new tools for data exploration.

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