E (Eveline) Snelders PhD MSc

E (Eveline) Snelders PhD MSc

Assistant professor

I am an assistant professor at the laboratory of Genetics and my main research interest is linking concepts from evolutionary genetics to public health for fungal disease, with a focus on azole resistance development in A. fumigatus. My aim is to provide a full analysis of the extent, origin and consequences of azole resistance development.

My research has the following key objectives; 1) To determine the full extent of genetic variation of azole resistance mutations. 2) To quantify the relative role of recombination in the origin and spread of evolution of azole resistance. And finally, 3) To determine the fitness consequences of azole resistance development by analyzing the cost of resistance. My research will elucidate critical factors for environmental resistance selection and spread and provides key insights that will enable the development of effective control and prevention measures.

Past funding: NWO VENI, ZonMW Off Road, ESCMID research grant
Current funding: NWO Green III, NWO Aspasia

Students are always welcome to join, if you are interested in doing your internship or thesis with us just send me an e-mail with the dates you want to come and your research interests and we will together discuss the possibilities.