dr.ir.ing. FJHM (Frans) Verhees

dr.ir.ing. FJHM (Frans) Verhees

Program director BBC/BEB/MME, Universitair docent

Frans Verhees is Assistant Professor in the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group.

General research topic: marketing decision-making in medium sized, small and micro firms, including cooperatives, with a special interest in food and agribusiness.

Theoretical approach: By using theories and concepts from marketing (e.g. market orientation, market segmentation, branding and innovation adoption), and consumer behaviour (e.g. construal level theory, and social learning) he aims to understand how medium sized, small and micro firms in food supply chains make marketing decisions.

Current research: Current studies focus on:

  1. Branding of micro firms in food supply chains
  2. Branding of entrepreneurial firms
  3. Market oriented seed supply chains in emerging markets
  4. Marketing decision about online food retailing
  5. Market oriented selection of new fruit varieties