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Education - JCM (Hans) Verhoef


  1. HNH31606  Analytical Epidemiology II
  2. HNH35903 Integration of evidence II



  1. HNH24806 Introduction epidemiology and public health
  2. HNH38802 Concepts and methods in epidemiology
  3. HNH39806 Hidden Hunger
  4. CPT56006 Introduction to Global One Health
  5. VIR20803 Human Infectious Diseases

This video gives an impression of the field work of a study in Kenya that was conducted under my supervision by two former PhD students, Martin Mwangi and Pauline Andang'o:


HNH-39806 Hidden Hunger: Micronutrient Deficiencies in Low and Middle Income Countries
YNH-60312 Translation of Theory to Projects
HNH-35903 Miscellaneous Tools in Epidemiological Research
VIR-20803 Human Infectious Diseases
HNH-31606 Analytical Epidemiology II
HNH-38802 Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
HNH-85824 MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
HNH-75724 MSc Internship Global Nutrition
HNH-78724 MSc Research Practice Global Nutrition
HNH-24806 Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health