dr.ir. H (Henry) van den Brand

dr.ir. H (Henry) van den Brand

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Henry van den Brand is an associate professor at the Adaptation Physiology Group of Wageningen University. As a son of a farmer he did his BSc at the University of Applied Science in Dronten and his MSc at Wageningen University. After finishing his study, he first worked at researcher in the veal industry, whereafter he started his PhD in Wageningen University on "Energy partitioning and reproduction in primiparous sows". He succesfully defended his thesis in 2000, whereafter he started as a poultry nutrition researcher at Schothorst Feed Research in Lelystad, the Netherlands. After 1.5 year he came back in Wageningen as Assistant Professor, in which job he combines education (BSc, MSc, PhD) and research. In 2018 he was awarded as Teacher of the Year of Wageningen University. 

Research Projects

My research is mainly focussing on early life of animals, with emphasis on poultry. Research fields are among others:

1. Breeder nutrition in relation to offspring performance, health and welfare. Specific interest in bone development.

2. Incubation conditions and effects on hatchling quality and later life performance, health and resilience. This also includes data analyses of hatcheries.  

3. Early nutrition of chickens post-hatch in relation to performance, health and resilience.

4. Optimising climate conditions for different poultry species.