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Projects - dr. HM (Hilje) van der Horst

Understanding dignity of food aid receivers in Europe (WASS), exploring the way in which forms of food aid shape dignity of recipients through, among others, ethnographic fieldwork [article] 

Less stress and poverty, more experienced health and participation (ZonMw), exploring the way in which stigma and shame shape experiences of people in poverty through multimethod research including biographic interviews, focus groups and observation. 

Societal acceptance of plant based diets and healthy food environments (NWO), exploring societal backlash against meat curtailment policies through, among others, discourse analysis and methods developed in critical heritage studies (emotion networking). 

Transition Towards a Sustainable Food System (NWA, NWO), exploring potential transition pathways with stakeholders through, among others, futuring methods. 

Towards a data-driven dashboard to support a socially-just transition to circular agriculture (CUCO), exploring the potential role of farm data with stakeholders in a way that supports a socially just transition in agriculture.

Previous projects:  Meer dan Handig, Onderzoek naar de impact van hulpmiddelen op het leven van gebruikers (ZonMW) [article] [article] [article]

The social dynamics of smart grids: On households, information flows & sustainable energy transitions [article] [article]

Migration and material culture (NWO) [article] [article]