dr.ir. H (Huib) Hengsdijk

dr.ir. H (Huib) Hengsdijk

Agronomist researcher

I am a researcher in natural resources management and the agronomy of tropical cropping systems. In the past 30 years, I worked on land use modelling, water and fertilizer use efficiency in rice systems, regional land and water management, and the impacts of climate change on crop production including the design of adaptation and mitigation strategies. My interests are especially in improving the effcient use of resources in different land use systems ranging from plot to region.

I have coordinated a big applied research and capacity building program on vegetables in Indonesia. In Bangladesh, I have developed and implemented with colleagues a SMS-based advisory system to control late blight in potatoes using real-time weather data, satelite information and an epidemiological model. 

Currently, I work in the Netherlands on a program that develops 'green' crop protection which requires less harmfull pesticides and reduces the pesticide emissions to the environment. In Kenya, I support two companies in developing and understanding regenerative agricultural practices. 

I have worked in many countries of the Americas, Asia and Africa, but most of my work was in Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia. See the following websites for more information: