dr. IM (Ina) Möller

dr. IM (Ina) Möller

Universitair docent

Email: ina.moller@wur.nl

Ina Möller is an assistant professor at WUR Environmental Policy Group. She studies the political dynamics that shape the climate change science and policy interface. Her principal empirical focus is how climate 'geoengineering' is becoming part of contemporary policy making, both in the form of carbon dioxide removal ('negative emissions technologies') and solar radiation management ('solar geoengineering'). Other areas of study include the use of climate science in litigation, the impact of global models and scenarios on governmental and corporate decision making, and the way in which actors navigate, use and shape environmental regimes.

In terms of education and outreach, Ina teaches Masters courses on international environmental and climate change policy, and supervises both MSc and PhD students working on projects related to the politics of climate change, institutional complexity, and the science-policy interface. She is a member of the Climate Social Science Network and the Earth System Governance project, where she is involved with working groups on the politics of geoengineering, net-zero, and carbon dioxide removal. 

Ina studied political science and public administration at the University of Konstanz in Germany, as well as sustainability science at the University of Lund in Sweden. Growing up, she spent many years in East Africa and maintains an interest and personal connection to this part of the world.