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Projects - JP (Jan) Verbesselt

Ongoing research

  • Studies on tropical biome shifts (Microsoft foundation): //
  • Ongoing collaborative coding
  • ESA Formosa Forest degradation monitoring using multi-sensor data (Sentinel, 2, Rapid-Eye, Landsat data), ESA Innovator research project (2015-2017).
  • BACI detecting changes in essential ecosystems and biodiversity properties towards a Biosphere Atmosphere Change BACI, H2020-EO-2014 project, 2015-2018
  • EU, Land cover CCI - global Land Cover ECV monitoring(2010-16) 
  • EU, Marie Curie – Assessing vegetation structural change by integrating terrestrial lidar data and satellite image time series via radiative transfer models
  • Google research award, Near real-time global deforestation monitoring
  • EU, FP7 Science based remote sensing services to support REDD and sustainable forest management in tropical region (2010-14) 
  • EU, FP7 Role of biodiversity in climate change mitigation (2011-15) 
  • WUR, Ground based LIDAR for Remote Sensing Cal/Val (2010-14) 
  • NABU, REDD+ monitoring and  implementation at Ethiopia Kafa UNESCO reserve (2010-13)
  • BMBF, Land Use and Climate Change interactions in the Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin/Central Vietnam - LUCCi (2010-2015)