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Projects - prof.dr. RJJ (Joost) van Neerven

AIO project: "Regulation of mucosal immunty by bovine milk ingredients"  (2013-2018) M. van Splunter

NWO TTW project (CBI with MIB and UMC Utrecht) "Modulation of immune responses in the upper airways: Contribution of novel dairy ingredients - MIRACLE" (2013-2018). O. Perdijk, E.van den Brink, S. Brugman

NWO TTW project (CBI with FQD and Erasmus MC)  "Immunogenic Properties of Heated and Glycated Cow’s Milk Protein – Effect on Initiation and Resolution of Cow’s Milk Allergy - iAGE" (2016-2020). G.Teodorowicz

AIO Project "Effects of bovine immunoglobulins on human immune function"(2017-2021). M. Probahaie

WIAS AIO project (HAP with CBI): "A dietary approach to improve innate immune health" (2017-2021).