dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

Assistant professor

Assistant professor electro-interfacial phenomena in porous media-based water technologies
Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands 


Secretary of the International working group on Capacitive Deionization and Electrosorption (http://www.cdi-electrosorption.org)


Scientific interests

  • Electrochemical engineering, with a focus on ion separation processes
  • Ion and electron transport in porous media, including membranes and electrodes
  • Interfacial phenomena in (nano)porous materials (electrical double layer formation, chemical interactions, and faradaic reactions)


Technological interests

  • Capacitive Deionization for water desalination
  • Electrodialysis for ion-selective separations
  • Electrochemical technologies for the recovery (or up-concentration) of valuable chemicals and nutrients


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