J (Judith) de Vries-ten Have MSc

J (Judith) de Vries-ten Have MSc

PhD Candidate

Judith ten Have is a PhD Candidate within the chair group Nutrition and Disease at the department of Human Nutrition and Health.

Her research focusses on the relationship between healthy lifestyle behaviours and cancer-related fatigue in colorectal cancer survivors. As part of her PhD project and together with another PhD Candidate (Koen Manusama), she will conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial. This trail is named 'SoFiT', Study on Fatigue: a lifestyle intervention among colorectal cancer survivors. The trial aims to increase adherence to the cancer prevention guidelines of the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research, as these have been suggested to diminish cancer-related fatigue in colorectal cancer survivors. Half of the included participants will follow a six-month lifestyle program based on these guidelines, whereas the other group will not follow this program and will resume their usual care. Judith will look at the nutritional aspects within this trial. She will also focus on the use and role of evidence-based behaviour change techniques. This will be done in collaboration with the chair group Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle. With this project we hope to contribute to the wellbeing and aftercare of colorectal cancer survivors. 

For more information on the SoFiT study click here.

Judith studied Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University and Research. After graduating in 2018, she was employed as a researcher at the chair group Nutritional Biology at Wageningen University and Research and was involved in various projects related to sport and nutrition.