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Projects - dr. J (Juul) Limpens

PhD project Jelmer Nijp - defended  December 2015How peatmosses deal with drought ... or ... Fine scale ecohydrological processes in Northern peatlands and their relevance for the carbon cycle. See video for pitch

Together with Jelmer Nijp (PhD) and eco-hydrologists Klaas Metselaar and Sjoerd van der Zee (WUR-SLM) I investigate the effects of changing precipitation patterns for near-surface water content, moss photosynthesis and carbon fluxes in peatlands . We recently showed that an increase in rain frequency does not always turn out positive for peat moss photosynthesis (Nijp et al. 2013, New Phytologist) or peatland carbon exchange (Nijp et al. Global Change Biology, 2014).