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Education - K (Kamalita) Pertiwi PhD

HNH-32106 Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Diseases (2020-2022, course coordinator; 2016, teaching assistant)

HNH-39106 Data Science for Nutritional Epidemiology (2022, teacher)

HNH-32903 Intermediate Analytical Epidemiology: Confounding and Effect Measure Modification* (2022, 2020, moderator/teaching assistant)

HNH-33403 Advanced Analytical Epidemiology* (2020, teaching assistant)

HNH-38802 Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology (2017-2020, course coordinator)

HNH-28303 Introduction Descriptive Epidemiology and Public Health* (2020, teaching assistant)

HNH-30806 Analytical Epidemiology (2017-2019, teaching assistant)

HNH-24806 Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health (2016-2019, teaching assistant)

HNH-32306  Clinical Nutrition Research (2017-2018, teaching assistant)

HNH-28803 Introduction Analytical Epidemiology and Public Health* (2017, course coordinator)

HNH-27806  General Medicine (2017, exam reviewer)


*Distance learning MSc course (within the MSc program Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health)