dr. KA (Kim) Boutilier

dr. KA (Kim) Boutilier

senior researcher

Our Research

Our research is focussed on understanding the molecular-genetic basis for plant regeneration through embryogenesis. We study different types of in vitro regeneration, including embryogenesis from haploid male and female gametophytes (pollen and embryo sac) and embryogenesis from vegetative tissues (somatic embryogenesis), as well as different types of seed-based embryogenesis systems (zygotic embryogenesis, egg cell parthenogenesis, maternal haploid induction). Understanding the role of embryo-identity transcription factors and chromatin modifying proteins in promoting and repressing these developmental programs is a major aspect of our research. We use different model plants (arabidopsis, tomato, Brassica napus) and techniques (CRISPR-mutagenesis, ChIP, IP-MS/MS, microscopy, tissue culture) to obtain a deeper understanding of these processes.


Our Group


Lena Maas

PhD student: Regulation of the BABY BOOM and LEAFY COTYLEDON1 transcription factor genes

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Charlotte Siemons

 PhD student: interplay between stress and auxin during in vitro haploid embryogenesis

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Baojian Chen

post-doc: in vivo haploid embryogenesis and somatic embryogenesis

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Amit Kumar

post-doc: chromatin level regulation of in vitro haploid embryogenesis

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Tjitske Riksen

technician: microscopy, tissue culture

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Mieke Weemen

technician: molecular biology

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