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Projects - L (Leonie) Bentsink

Current projects

NWO-Vici grant: Seeds4Ever: Protection of stored mRNAs to ensure seed survival

STW:Translational control of seed germination - role of RNA binding proteins

NWO-Open ALW: Green seeds

NWO-Vidi grant: How does nature regulate seed life span?

Functional analyses of Delay OF GERMINATION 6

Previous projects:

ZonMW technology hotel

NWO visiting grant


NSFC-NWO Exploring the involvement of sugar signaling in the control of seed dormancy ole of seed stored mRNAs and translation in the control of seed dormancy

STW: Production environment and seed quality

SSA Fellowship:

STW: Seed dormancy and seed longevity, towards the identification of markers and

ERA-NET-PG: The virtual seed (vSEED): Combined mathematical, engineering and post-genomics comparative biology to model the systems biology of seed dormancy, after-ripening and germination

NWO-Veni-Grant: Unravelling seed dormancy pathways, a genetic and genomic approach