EH (Liesbeth) Zandstra EH (Liesbeth) Zandstra

Special Professor Food Reward and Behaviour

Liesbeth Zandstra is Professor Food Reward and Behaviour at the Division of Human Nutrition & Health, with a special interest in making the healthy choice the preferred choice. Liesbeth has a part time appointment with Wageningen University and also works at Unilever Foods Innovation Centre Wageningen as Science Leader Reward and Behaviour.

Liesbeth Zandstra obtained her PhD degree in the area of food acceptance, appetite control and the regulation of food intake (2000) from Wageningen University, Wageningen (NL). Directly after her PhD, she joined Unilever R&D in Vlaardingen. In Unilever, she gained extensive experience in science, resource and programme management. She had different roles with increasing responsibilities towards managing larger teams and bigger and more complex research projects. She is currently Science Leader Reward & Behaviour. As of the 1st of November 2017, Liesbeth also has a part time appointment as Professor Food Reward and Behaviour at Wageningen University. Her work focuses on long-term scientific challenges to find new ways to make the healthy and sustainable choice the easy and preferred choice.