EA (Lin) Batten MSc

EA (Lin) Batten MSc

Externe medewerker

Lin Batten is a Research Assistant in the Law Group of Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. In her capacity as RA, her responsibilities have included support and proofreading of forthcoming articles, research on grant proposals, marketing and administrative support. She has moreover contributed and shaped a novel English-taught course 'Agri-Environmental Law and Policy' focussing on EU legislation.

Lin obtained her BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (cum laude) from Amsterdam University College in 2016 majoring in Environmental Governance, International Relations and Public Health. Thereafter, she graduated in 2017 in the MSc Food Security from the University of Edinburgh (cum laude). During her graduation she was awarded "The Best Dissertation of 2016 - 2017 in MSc Food Security" for her research "Shake the Hand that Feeds You - Innovation towards a Regional Food Economy in the Mid-South Delta Region" . 

From June 2018 until December 2019, Lin gained workexperience as project manager and journalist at the Dutch multi-media company Foodlog, which provides both an online platform as well as conference platform to enable discussions on food, health, and agriculture. As project coordinator, Lin's role concerned both the substantive as well as the organisational aspects of the two conferences 'Agriculture without Chemistry - How?' and 'Food Safety and Integrity' with both over 100 participants consisting of senior managers and expert professionals in the Agtech and Food sector. This included the program development and contents delivery, marketing and design, fundraising, website management via Wordpress and events facilitation. 

As a journalist, her role focused on interviews or writing short articles particularly regarding food systems analyses, food waste, animal welfarealternatives to chemical pesticide use, gene technology, certification schemes as well as various other subjects, such as the Dutch mussel production system and lifestyle coaching

 She is also a farming enthusiast and is a weekly volunteer farm help on a small-scale regenerative mixed farming system.