ir. L (Loekie) Schreefel

ir. L (Loekie) Schreefel


Dr. ir. Loekie Schreefel is a postdoctoral researcher at the Wageningen University and Research in the Farming Systems Ecology group. He has a BSc-degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences and a MSc-degree in Biosystems Engineering from the Wageningen University. During his BSc and MSc work Loekie specialized in the design of sustainable large-scale productions systems to produce edible insects. He conducted his research together with various large-scale insect producers (e.g. Proti-Farm) and research institutes (e.g. the Danish Technological Institute) to assess the environment impacts of producing insects by means of modelling and empirical research. His PhD project focused on the transition towards regenerative agriculture. His PhD project was part of TiFN’s (Top institute for Food and Nutrition) Regenerative Farming project. This project aimed to bring scientists, sector organizations farmers and food chain companies together to identify the characteristics of regenerative agriculture and work towards its implementation by 2050. After successfully finishing his PhD in 2023, Loekie continues working on the transition towards regenerative farming and food systems.

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