dr. L (Lucie) Sovová

dr. L (Lucie) Sovová

Universitair docent

I am interested in alternatives to the dominant economic system, particularly in relation to food and agriculture. In my PhD, I used the diverse economies framework to explore how urban gardens work as sources of food and spaces of informal economies. I currently contribute to Urbanising in Place and ROBUST, two projects exploring rural-urban relations, using food and agriculture as one of the lenses.

I enjoy creative and participatory approaches to research and education. At Masaryk University, my Czech alma mater, I have co-created a course on ecological economics. Working with OtherWise Foundation in Wageningen, I established an extracurricular course on alternative research methods.

I am a member of the Community Economies Research Network and the Dutch degrowth platform Ontgroei. I enjoy gardening and writing popularization articles.

Interests and expertise

  • Urban food systems
  • Urban agriculture
  • Alternative food networks
  • Circularity
  • Social metabolism
  • Ecological economics
  • Degrowth
  • Diverse and community economies
  • Commons and commoning
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Qualitative research