L (Luuk) Huijgen MSc

L (Luuk) Huijgen MSc

Lecturer, Skills Trainer, Facilitator

As a teacher and trainer I am broadly interested in the attunement of students' ways of being with their real-world challenges and the opening of new frames of understanding and feeling.

Working on sustainability education and sustainability capabilities this means hosting conversations and activities around working with the complexity/uncertainty/normativity of sustainability, on different perspectives on transformation and with ways of understanding and relating to sustainability. In all there is a central role for the question: what does it mean for the students as a professional and as a living subject and human-being.

A specific interest lies in facilitating learning arrangements where the personal connection and feelings towards sustainability topics such as climate vulnerability/resilience, landscape degradation/regeneration, nature (dis)connectedness and environmental (in)justice are explored and how this shapes the students ways of being (cares, ethics and habits). Central concepts in this theme are the lived-body and lived-experience, subjectivity, affectivity (incl. emotions) and attunement.

Also in the areas of public speaking and teamwork development I work a lot with experiencing and the subject as starting points. My aim there is to support students and teams finding out how to synergize a felt-purpose with the systemic context and developing the needed capacities in case there is a gap.