dr. MAJ (Machiel) Lamers

dr. MAJ (Machiel) Lamers

Assistant professor

Machiel Lamers is an Associate Professor at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His research interests are in the fields of environmental policy and governance, sustainable tourism, and tourism and nature conservation. I develop and lead research projects on the governance of tourism and (global/regional) environmental change in coastal and marine destinations, including  both the Arctic and Antarctic region, the Caribbean and Indonesia. Theoretically and conceptually I aim to apply and build the sociology of environmental mobilities and flows, as well as practice theory approaches. 

Selected publications:

Lamers, M & Student, J., (2021). Learning from COVID-19? An environmental mobilities and flows perspective on dynamic vulnerabilities in coastal tourism setting. Maritime Studies, Online First. 

Lamers, M., Duske, P., & van Bets, L. (2018). Understanding user needs: A practice-based approach to exploring the role of weather and sea ice services in European Arctic expedition cruising. Polar Geography41(4), 262-278.

Lamers, M., & Pashkevich, A. (2018). Short-circuiting cruise tourism practices along the Russian Barents Sea coast? The case of Arkhangelsk. Current Issues in Tourism21(4), 440-454.

Lamers, M., Van der Duim, R., & Spaargaren, G. (2017). The relevance of practice theories for tourism research. Annals of Tourism Research, 62, 54-63.

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Lamers, M., Liggett, D. & Amelung, B. (2012). Strategic challenges of tourism development and governance in Antarctica: taking stock and moving forward. Polar Research 18: 13.

Hegger, D., Lamers, M., Van Zeijl-Rozema, A. & Dieperink, C. (2012). Conceptualising knowledge co-production in climate change adaptation projects: success conditions and levers for action. Environmental Science & Policy 18: 52-65.

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