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Education - prof.dr. MF (Marcel) Verweij


CPT-65000 Applied Ethics
YML-20303 Responsibility and Reflection in Molecular Life Sciences
PBR-21306 Biosystematics, Evolution and Agrobiodiversity
CPT-13806 Ethics, Health and Society
GEN-21306 Personal Genetics
CPT-55303 Current Ethical Controversies
YSS-36806 Consumer Studies for Sustainability: Perspectives and Ethics
CPT-70224 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-78324 MSc Research Practice Philosophy
CPT-59301 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59303 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59304 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59306 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-56006 Introduction to Global One Health
BEC-57306 Decision making in Global One Health
CPT-70424 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-80424 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-79324 MSc Research Practice Philosophy
CPT-10303 Ethics and Philosophy for Biologists