dr. MPM (Margreet) van der Burg

dr. MPM (Margreet) van der Burg

Senior University lecturer / researcher

Margreet van der Burg is senior university lecturer and researcher in ‘gender studies/history related to food, agricultural and rural research and development’, at Wageningen University since 2001. She examines food, agricultural and rural research, innovation and development from a gender perspective in which she takes the gender dimension as intersecting with other social dimensions (gender+/intersectionality). Her work includes gender and the development of agricultural educational and knowledge systems, family farming, agriculture oriented organisations, as well as rural, agricultural and food iconography and heritage. She expanded her work from the Netherlands to the European/western level, and from 2000s onwards to the global level, both historical and contemporary.

Her affiliation with Wageningen University dates from 1989 in the Rural History Group, from which she collaborated with the Gender in Agriculture Group. In 2002 she got her PhD in social sciences for her research on education and other development institutions that fostered a gender-specific integration of farm/rural women in agricultural modernisation and rural development in the Netherlands, 1863-1968. It followed her degree in social economic history with additional social sciences and development studies courses at Nijmegen University, where she also taught women’s history and ‘science and society’ courses till 1991.

During her appointment at Wageningen she was / is also:
* in 2006, half year: Rural Gender Studies Guest Professor in the Maria Goeppert-Mayer Professoriate Program from German Lower Saxony, Institute for Rural Development, Fac. of Agricultural Sciences, Goettingen, Germany.
* in 2015/2016, half year: visiting scholar with Carolyn Sachs, Professor Rural Sociology and Women’s Studies, PennState University, USA.
* from 2019 ongoing: WUR daily project leader, EU Horizon 2020 Gender-SMART, no 824546, focusing on agriculture and life sciences (Science for and with Society programme - SwafS); and work package leader for gender integration in education, research and funding.
* from 2020 ongoing: gender co-expert regarding institutional learning, NUFFIC OKP-IRA-104278 PROJECT with 6 Iraq universities on Efficient Water Management by Switching to Climate Smart Agriculture: Capacity Building and Knowledge Development
* from 2021 ongoing: gender expert & chair gender committee, EU-Horizon -2020 project SPRINT, no 862568 on Sustainable Plant Transition Research.

Through the years, she engaged in many professional and outreach activities such as TV documentaries, travelling exhibitions, and conferences as well as in building professional networks and organisations. Recently, she co-organised the 4-days online global conference ‘Cultivating Equality: Advancing Gender Research in Agriculture and Food Systems’, 12-15 Oct 2021. She served in various board capacities, currently still chair UWF Storm-van der Chijs Fund encouraging WU women to pursue their academic career.

Most complete list of publications, see Google Scholar!