dr.ir. MH (Marijke) Kuiper

dr.ir. MH (Marijke) Kuiper

DLO Onderzoeker

Quantitative research on sustainable food, nutrition security and inequality characterizes my work. I currently focus on foresight analyses of autonomous trends and policy interventions on economic, nutrition and sustainability indicators. These integrated assessments rely on MAGNET, a global model of the world economy, where needed supplemented with models adding sub-national detail. MAGNET has an innovative modular structure to address research questions related to nutrition and bio-economy while accounting for interactions among countries through for example international trade and greenhouse gas emissions.

I am a seasoned quantitative economist with twenty years of modelling experience ranging from computable general equilibrium at global and village level to micro-simulation and farm household bio-economic models. My work encompasses food and nutrition security, poverty and inequality, bio-economy, sustainability and rural-urban migration, connecting to other technical disciplines for integrated assessments.

I combine strong analytical skills with the ability to communicate results to non-specialists, making model findings accessible for policy decision-making. My ability for strategic thinking and result-focus is reflected by my design of the modular structure of MAGNET model to facilitate quick adaptation to client demands, team development and customized sales. I continue to play a central role in the MAGNET team developing its research strategy in context of shaping the institute’s strategic investments.

Technical specs: I hold a MSc (cum laude, 1997) and PhD in Development Economics from Wageningen University (2005), as well as a BSc in Interior Architecture from the Utrecht School of Arts (2013). I currently work at Wageningen University & Research as a Strategic Senior Scientist International Policy.