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Projects - dr. MPM (Marleen) Bekker

1. Evaluation study All about Health program (ZonMw, Maastricht University) 2018-2022.

2. Evaluation study Green Carpet city of Maastricht (ZonMw, Maastricht University)( 2018-2022.

3. Promotie onderzoek Kristine Mourits AMPHI/Gemeente Nijmegen.

4.Understanding public health adaptation to climate change: a reflexive 10 monitoring study into the development of Oak Processionary Moth disease prevention.’ PhD project Yvette Buist 2019-2023. WUR Health and Society.

5. Achieving Global One Health: developing adaptive prevention systems for vector-borne diseases. Post-doctoral project Henk Broekhuizen 1 August 2020 – 1 August 2023. WUR Health and Society.

6. Governance Evaluation policy preperations of the Combined Lifestyle Intervention in the Dutch healthcare insurance package 2007 – 2019 (commissioned by Ministry of Public health Welfare and Sport, 2020 – 2021).