dr. M (Mart) Vlam

dr. M (Mart) Vlam

Externe medewerker

Tracing tropical timber: Timtrace

An estimated 50% of the tropical timber that enters the European market is illegally harvested. To implement new European legislation intended to eliminate this illegal trade, independent tools will be needed to verify the legal status of timber. We therefore propose to develop a fast, accurate and cost-effective commercial forensic tool for tracing the claimed origin of tropical timber.

Tropical forests and climate change

Observed changes in tropical tree growth and tropical forest dynamics have been related to elevated atmospheric CO2 levels. During my PhD project I investigated the predominanceof large scale and high intensity disturbances in tropical forets, that may result in very similar patterns in tree growth and forest dynamics. 

In this video made by the magazine Quest I explain in one minute the contents of my PhD thesis research.