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Education - dr. M (Mattijs) Smits

  • Coordinator ENP-34306 - Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation 
  • Coordinator ENP-24803 - Social Theory of Environmental Issues 
  • Coordinator ESA-22303 - International Study Visits
  • Group supervisor ESA 20806 - Principles of Environmental Sciences
  • Supervisor of MSc theses and internships
  • Member of the Programme Committee BMW/MES/MUE


ENP50802 Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
ENP24803 Social-Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues
ENP81603 BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 1
ENP81609 BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 2
ENR20306 Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy
ENP70424 MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP80424 MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP80436 MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP11303 Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems
ENP70224 MSc Internship Environmental Policy