M (Mireille) van Hilten MSc

M (Mireille) van Hilten MSc

Senior Researcher Digitalisation Agri-food

Mireille van Hilten is a Senior Researcher at Wageningen Social Economic Research (part of WUR), based in The Netherlands. She leads pioneering projects in digitalisation in agri-food, researching ethical, legal and social aspects of AI and the data economy. With experience in academia, industry and higher education, Mireille’s expertise is applied research of information technology in the context of its stakeholders, mainly the end user like the farmer, operator, manager, employee, student, teacher or citizen and how to leverage data to address critical societal challenges.

Academic and Professional Background

Mireille van Hilten holds a Master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and a Bachelor in User Centered Design. Her education focused on the intersection of technology and society, particularly how data and digital innovations such as blockchain influence the organic food chain and decision-making processes.

Mireille’s career has included roles in both the private sector and academia. She has held various positions as a lecturer, researcher and consultant. At WUR, Mireille van Hilten is at the forefront of research on the ethical and societal dimensions of AI. She is involved in key initiatives that explore how AI can be used for societal and sustainability benefits, particularly through the “ELSA lab” program which identified ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of digital technologies and more specifically AI for agriculture and food.

Key Projects

Data4Food2030: One of Mireille’s notable projects at WUR is Data4Food2030. This project focuses on utilizing data science and AI to revolutionize food systems, making them more sustainable and resilient. Mireille’s work in this project involves deploying advanced data analytics to improve agricultural practices, enhance food security, and promote environmental sustainability.

ELSA Lab: Mireille is also a core researcher in the Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects (ELSA) Lab at WUR. The ELSA Lab addresses the ethical, legal, and social implications of AI and other emerging technologies. Mireille’s work in the lab involves developing frameworks and guidelines to ensure that AI applications are ethically sound, legally compliant, and socially responsible. She collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to design AI systems that uphold principles of fairness, accountability, and transparency.

Previous projects: Blockchain and mass balance data for organic food sector (as part of Precision Farming 4.0) TrustEat (Blockchain and nanotechnology), User Acceptance and Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) services in IoF2020 and AgROBOfood, Socio-ethical benefits and risks of Digital Twin, 5G in Agri-Food.

Mireille manages research projects in national and international environments and speaks Dutch, English and French. As a people person she easily connects people and intiatives.