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Education - dr. N (Nina) Fatouros

I am involved in two courses on the biology, diversity and systematics of arthropods/insects, namely as lecturer in 'Biodiversity of the Netherlands' (BIS-10306) and coordinater of 'Webs of Terrestrial Diversity' (BIS-21306). The first includes bike excursions around Wageningen and the second a 2-week excursion to the French Pyrenees. 


BIS50403 Capita Selecta Biosystematics
BIS70424 MSc Internship Biosystematics
BIS79324 MSc Research Practice Biosystematics
BIS50401 Capita Selecta Biosystematics
BIS79224 MSc Research Practice Biosystematics
BIS70224 MSc Internship Biosystematics
BIS80424 MSc Thesis Biosystematics
BIS80436 MSc Thesis Biosystematics
BIS50404 Capita Selecta Biosystematics
BIS10306 Biodiversity of The Netherlands