dr.ir. PJ (Peter) Vermeulen

dr.ir. PJ (Peter) Vermeulen

PhD advisor and Education coordinator


WIMEK: PhD advisor en Coach

WIMEK course programma coordinator;

Course leider introduction course SENSE (national graduate school) and for the Agricultural Green Development programma with CAU (Personal Leadership The Basis of Effective and Efficient Academic Development)


Dutch academy- advice on reducing the delay in the PhD trajectory and how to increase the focus on a sustainable career.


Crop Systems Analysis (WUR); Evolutionary game theory, agro-ecology

Cornell University (VS): Sediment modellering to model phosphorous effects on aquatic communities

Macquarie University (Aus- op rubicon beurs): Evolutionary game theory


Utrecht Universiteit (prof. Werger) : Plant Ecology (competition for nutrients; plasticity)

PhD Education Coordinator and PhD advisor WIMEK onderzoeksschool