GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD

GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD

Associate Professor

Robbert Biesbroek is Associate Professor (Ius Promovendi) at the Public Administration and Policy group of Wageningen University (the Netherlands). He investigates how States deal with emerging boundary spanning policy problems that crosscut spatial, temporal and administrative systems, particularly climate change. He has a particular fascination for the governance challenges these problems present and how States respond. His current research and teaching

  • Dynamics of policy (dis)integration of cross-cutting societal issues
  • Why and how governments deal with climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. 
  • Social mechanims that shape if and how governments respond to climate change
  • The politics of tracking progress on climate change

He received several prestegious grants including a Dutch NWO-VENI research grant (2018-2022) on policy integration and a NWO-VIDI grant (2023-2028) on the politics of tracking climate change adaptation. He (co)authored over 90 scientific articles in disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals. Dr. Biesbroek currently serves as editor for the scientific journals Regional Environmental Change and Climatic Change

He was Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC AR6 report on Impacts Vulnerability and Adaptation, chapter Europe (2018-2022) and involved in climate assessments for the Dutch government, European Environment Agency and UNEP amongst others. He is involved in the first European Union Climate Risk Assessment (2022-2024) and in the Scientific Committee of the Adaptation Futures conference (2023, Montreal). Since 2023 he is member of the Scientific Committee of the World Adaptation Science Program (WASP)

Contact: robbert.biesbroek [at]