GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD

GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD

Associate Professor

Robbert Biesbroek is Associate Professor at the Public Administration and Policy group of Wageningen University (Netherlands). His research interests include comparative public governance, mechanisms of complex decision making, policy (dis)integration of cross-cutting societal issues, and the political and bureaucratic responses to climate change adaptation. He received several prestegious grants including a Dutch NWO-VENI research grant (2018-2022) on policy integration and a NWO-VIDI grant (2023-2028) on the politics of tracking climate change adaptation. He (co)authored over 90 scientific articles in disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals. Dr. Biesbroek currently serves as editor for the scientific journals Regional Environmental Change and Climatic Change. He was Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC AR6 report on Impacts Vulnerability and Adaptation, chapter 13: Europe (2018-2022) and involved in climate assessments for the Dutch government, European Environment Agency and UNEP amongst others. He is involved in the first European Union Climate Risk Assessment (2022-2024). Since 2023 he is memer of the Scientific Committee of the World Adaptation Science Program (WASP)



Three key publications (scholar google account):

  1. Biesbroek, R., Wright, S.J, Korswagen Eguren, S. Bonotto, A. Athanasiadis, I.N. (2022) Policy attention to climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability: global assessment of National Communications (1994-2019) Climate Policy 22:1, 97-111,
  2. Biesbroek, R. (2021) Policy integration and climate change adaptation. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 52: 75-81
  3. Biesbroek, R., Badloe, S. and I. Athanasiadis (2020) Machine learning for research on climate change adaptation policy integration: an exploratory UK case study. Regional Environmental Change, 20 (85), 1-13