dr.ir. RY (Rommie) van der Weide

dr.ir. RY (Rommie) van der Weide

research partner for biobased innovation

Research partner for biobased innovation

Rommie cooperates with companies and stakeholders in biobased innovations and sustainability in arable crop production as a research partner based at the university of Wageningen. From 2010 on, she focuses on co innovation with companies in renewable energy production and biobased resources. As a senior researcher for ACRRES (www.acrres.nl) she is involved in research projects on cultivation of alternative proteins/ feed additives (algae, insects, higher plants) and soil additives (algae, ..) using organic residues from the agri-food sector. Also, increasing yield and economic return of biogas production, biorefinery and innovations in the circular economy are her fields of expertise. She can also help with expertise, research and contacts in innovations in crop protection and weed control, prevention of emission from arable production, increasing soil quality and sustainable cultivation of e.g. maize in which she has experience from 1987.

I like to (be) energize(d) (by) people who have a strong drive  for technological innovations resulting into new business. I like to support proof of principle tests and further development of new concepts and technologies, validate business cases, and identify new opportunities. This also involves staying up to date on international scientific developments and communicating with my (inter)national network as well as securing additional funding through preparation of project proposals. I operate proactively and through ‘learning by doing’, have a creative open mind and need only few words to understand, cooperate and perform.

My mission is to:
• explore nature’s potential for sustainable innovation leading to solutions for climate change and finite resources to feed our world
• translate innovations into new business.